I’m copying this post from another Panama group to show how majors in Panama do nothing to help their community

In another one of my posts I relayed how I had HUGE issues with the toxic water in Boquete and after I complained to the major’s office several times, I finally gave up. Here is an expat who didn’t have the same problem, but he shows how the majors in Panama do nothing at all when it comes to water issues, water waste, or just all around doing their job.

“It’s not only IDAAN. I have made a similar experience with the municipal water system. It is not IDAAN, so one might think it´s better.

It´s not.

In March last year, still with the old Martinellista mayor, I noticed a broken pipe in our street where water came out at high pressure, washing the road. I went to the Office of the alcaldia and by Chance there was a guy from the aqueduct. I gave him a ride to the place, he made a phone call and told me the Problem would be resolved in half an hour. I said I knew where the valve was to Close it but he said they don´t Need to close the valve, they´d repair it on the fly. I doubted that the “goma” would hold the pressure when it is wetted with water, but left it to the “experts”. Next day water was still all over the road, next week also. I went to the office again, altogether 6 times. Meanwhile the mayor had changed and I hoped the new administration would be more efficient.

NOPE, TIP. There is no difference.

Each time they took a notice, they registered my name and address, but nothing changes. I guess after I left the office, they simply discarded my report.

Now one year has passed and some People have covered the fountain so water does not spray so far, but it is still running.
I have given up. “

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