So here is another story about the noise pollution in Panama

This is from an expat who has been living in Panama for at least 7 years.

This was one of the MAJOR issues I had about Panama & I couldn’t deal with it.

It’s a scientific fact that when you don’t get solid healthy sleep, your brain, emotional stability & personality suffer. Most people even in the US don’t care & it’s horrific.

“For 8 days we had some people from India rented an apartment on the next
street and were playing music using a loud speaker and chanting till the
wee hours of the morning. Sometimes they were screaming, sounded like
either a murder or an orgy, not sure which. The police wouldn’t come.

People have to go to work, school kids needed their sleep, but police were
called and didn’t come.

One of the people attending this religious celebration said they rented the
apt here so they wouldn’t have to have their religious ceremony in their
own neighborhoods. GEE THANKS!”

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