Here’s two examples of Panamanian Logic

And before you assume this is just an isolated incident, think AGAIN (story from another expat)…

“While at the gas station today, I saw the more than usual sight of a cab
driver rocking his cab violently back and forth as he was pumping gas.
I have seen it just about every time I have filled up over the years.
Mostly cabies and buses (the people trusted with the duty of public
transport no less). On occasion I have asked them why they do this,
more for grins or to shock friends I might have with me. Each occasion
the answer is the same, “to level the gasoline out, to get more in”.
Yes, the people granted a cupo and liscensed and entrusted with the
privilage of providing transportation to the public think that the gas
just piles up on one side of the gas tank. Mr Stenuis, I think this is
that answer you have been looking for.

Then after leaving the gas station and going past rio hato we had some
rain, more like Panama rain. The rain falls so fast it cannot run off
the road fast enough. I of course slow down even tho I have the auto
equivalent of tractor tires on my truck. But I slow down anyway knowing
the dangers of hydroplaning and the rain here is like hydroplane
nirvana. Ofc and as you would expect, people fly past me doing over
100kph with there hazard lights on proudly showing what a good driver
they are. I laughed to myself thinking “I give it less than 3 more km
before i see one of these asshats sideways or off the road, and then I
expected them to be standing there staring at their car in disbelief
saying to themselfs “the car just wanted to do this”. Being culpable
for anything is not part of the local charm so it has to be the cars fault.

Well as it turns out, it was 4km not 3. A car was upside down, roof
crushed down to the door handles, I rather suspect there had to be at
least 1 fatality or parylization. It was one of those nice new suv’s
that are magic and impervious to all perils of the road.”

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