Here is another example of Panamanian workers who steal expats’ money

It’s a commonly known fact that Panamanians rip off expats. I don’t want to say it’s ONLY Panamanians as Colombians are known for doing this too, but it’s so bad, you as an expat have to watch your back at every turn.

Here is just one more example of an expat who was ripped off by a Panamanian worker.

“about 3 months ago i hired a panamanian mechanic to fix my diesel motor in my sail boat . he has worked on it 5 or 6 times hitting me up for money every time he worked on lt. so far i have paid him about 500 bucks . the injector pump had to be rebuilt ” again” ,, 3 weeks ago he came to me said they wanted 450 bucks he would get my pump and we would get together and go put my motor back together .. he would not answer me nor return my calls , i found out last night the shop still has my injector pump and wants 400 bucks to get it out of hock ,, the mechanic took my 450 bucks and spent it ,, typical of what you can expect here !!”

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