It is a commonly known fact that Panamanians NEVER say a thing

Well Panamanians NEVER say a thing in their own country to their OWN people, but gawd forbid you should say anything about them online & WATCH OUT, they will eat you alive. That’s happened to me at least once in a Facebook group that isn’t even about Panama, & I’ve seen them go ballistic on a guy who wrote an online review about the food in Panama after he visited for a few days.

I had to smile at this post below, because I remember thinking the SAME thing, about how stupid could they POSSIBLY be NOT to call the water or electric company when there’s a problem. THEY ARE MORONS!!!

And he lives in a more well to do area than I was living & they don’t call their either!!!

Calling up the water or electric company is NOT making waves, it’s called COMMON SENSE. How do they expect the company to know there’s a problem if they DON’T CALL THEM???

Granted, this takes a modicum of brain cells & well, you know how I feel about their brain cells.

Here’s the post from another expat:

“Yesterday was a joyous day for me. Tom Brady came back and made a mockery of the NFL Office in New York. GO PATRIOTS!!! THEN…My wife and me and my little 9 year old princess set off to Metro Mall. I could hit a Driver and a Six Iron from my house to Metro Mall but because of the ridiculous infrastructure with no easy access to anywhere from Brisas Del Golf we need to go out via Bonlac/Pricesmart. Well the Bonlac/Pricesmart exit was blocked all the way back to the Coredur Norte Entrance because the FREAKING POLICA NACIONAL were checking licenses. We decided to take a right and go the back way thru San Antonio and guess the frig what?…They were checking licenses by the new mall (ANOTHER MALL ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?) I lost it!!! When my wife turned down her window, I went BALLISTIC!!! There were 11 cops to check licenses. By the time I got done there were over 20. 3 motorcycles with 2 cops came rushing in and 2 cruisers with another 4 cops. I told the first young cop that they are stupid and out of line. He made my wife pull over. My wife was bullshit at me and my daughter started crying. Some 5 foot nothing muscular stove pipe black cop (my wife is black so please no racist bullshit) came over and started screaming at my wife. I started screaming back at him. I really had no idea what he was saying but he had ZERO right to be screaming at my wife. Scream at me you freaking piece of DOO DOO. (No lie I made sure not to swear and I actually said DooDoo) I told them that if they wanted to arrest me for hurting their feelings by calling them worthless :::JUST DO IT or give my wife back her license and give me my E-Cedular. They all walked away for a minute to confer and my wife was crying and my daughter was hysterical. They were about to issue my wife a ticket for “GET READY FOR IT” not controlling her Gringo husband. I went completely Ballistic in my seat belt and my hands on the dashboard. I told them that they were insane stopping traffic on a Sunday at 4 in the afternoon considering that Monday thru Saturday people have to commute up to 6 hours, to and from, to get to work for an 8 hour day. I told them that they should be ashamed of themselves. I said in Spanish “Today is Family Day…HOW DARE YOU” (My wife was translating most of my rant, but not this one. At that point, the young cop that made my wife pull over shook his head. He walked behind the car and spoke to someone high up who was one of the last ones to arrive on the scene.. The high up came back to the car and gave us back our I’D’s and actually apologized. He said in perfect English that he doesn’t agree with any of what they are being ordered to do. He said that I am 100% right to be angry. He said that he would probably be reprimanded for saying anything or questioning orders but he was so sorry that my wife was hysterical as was my daughter. He said he would do his best to change the system. I WAS PISSED and I am so sorry that (removed for privacy) and (removed for privacy)┬áhad to witness that, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is like no Panamanian ever says anything. They just keep taking it over and over. This is the normal here but THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!! If anyone remembers from months or years ago, we had a water main leak. I had not been outside all day but we had zero water pressure for hours. I just chalked it up to “NO WATER AGAIN”. When I went outside I saw that a fire hydrant was shooting water 30 feet. I called Idaan and they were completely unaware. HOURS and not one person called it in? Last week we lost power for over six hours based on an electric clock in my house. When we came home I thought it was strange that the streets in front, back and side of ours all had power but our street was in a blackout. When we came home people were outside talking and trying to say cool with no power. I called ENSA and reported the problem and they had ZERO, NIL, FUCKING ZERO IDEA that my street had no power. WTF is wrong with PANAMANIANS??? My wife says it is the culture not to make waves. WAVES???? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? I am going to make waves. I am sick and disgusted and I am going to teach these idiots how to freaking live. My wife is scared but she agrees things need to change TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! ”


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