So here’s a scam I didn’t know about, it’s the pregnancy scam in Panama

Since I’m not a man & I had no money, I never came across this until now. Here’s a story from another expat:

“When I was new here a very nice Englishman who I did not know showed up at my gate. He introduced himself and wanted to say hi because he had heard about the “new gringo”. Did not take long before he was telling me how he coincidentally had a young girl in the car who was looking for work as a maid. He said that she and her “sister” had both worked for
him for some time, but now only needed one. He was providing glowing reference of course.

I could smell the slime on this asshat. I grew tired of his horseshit and ended his fluff by asking clearly,,,”so when is she due”. He pretended not to understand. I said “how many months pregnant is she”. Guy was dumfounded that I was asking. turns out she was pregnant, and he was on the hook as her “employer”. I dont think it was his kid but it was his financial problem and he was kindly offering to help me by putting his burden on me as he thought I was new dumb fresh meat sheep. He thought I would not know the peril of giving her a job here.

(edited as this info isn’t needed)

But just like there are 2 kinds of cars here in panama, those with dents and those that just have not been dented yet. There are 2 types of maids,,,those with 3-5 kids already and,,,,,finish the rest yourself. “mama” might just have a few pregger daughters who she needs to quickly find a patron for. Its a pretty standard goto, and gringos are an easy target.

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