Delicias de mi Pueblo Restaurant
on Calle Eric Del Valle in El Congrejo. It’s right next to Bongos

This is a Colombian place, so I thought the food was going to be good, BUT, here was what happened.

First every time I asked for something, they didn’t have the item on their menu. After trying to get around 4-5 items, I started to get pissed off, they barely had anything on their menu to begin with.

I asked for their cabbage salad, I got mustard as the dressing LOL can you believe that?

On the Colombian tortilla, I got thousand island dressing. Very smart. The tortilla wasn’t bad until I tasted a batch of salt. WAY too salty.

The natural juice I got (passion fruit) had sooo much sugar in it, I didn’t drink it.

The REAL kicker came at the end when we asked for the bill & the owner came over & gave us a total with NO bill. We had to ask for a bill.

When we received it, that’s when we knew why we didn’t receive it.

  1. First she overcharged us on the tortillas by about 20-30 cents (can’t remember now). Her excuse was that the pricing on the board was old. LOL, yeh right, the prices are RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN VIEW.
  2. Then she totals the bill wrong. Again, only by about 30-40 cents, but it doesn’t matter.

By this time I was pissed.

People, be careful with your bills. Most restaurants are ethical, but some try to rip you off.

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