La Casa de San Francisco
Tel: 391-4412, 391-4251. Email: [email protected]
Calle 66, San Francisco
Panama City, Panama
L-J: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
V-D: 12:00pm – 11:00pm

So this was during the time I was helping this homeless woman Marie & we went here for a late lunch.

I realize Marie looked like a bag lady & then some & even I was embarrassed at times, but the way I was treated was UNACCEPTABLE.

First I wanted to sit outside because of how Marie looked, so I cared enough for the restaurant, but then the following happened:

  1. They didn’t come to take our order. I had to literally open the door to the restaurant to try & get someone to come over.
  2. One waiter kept giving us dirty looks.
  3. They had a lunch special until 3 I think it was & when we tried order it, they gave us problems even though it wasn’t yet 3. It was close, but close isn’t good enough.I had to demand a manager & the waiter went inside & then got the okay to allow Marie to have her special.
  4. When Marie ordered something to drink which was included with the meal, no one bothered to tell her that was an extra price since it wasn’t the EXACT drink mentioned on the menu. So I felt they ripped us off.
  5. The waiter was nice, so I had no complaints there until the end when he never came back to see if we were okay, needed anything, etc.
  6. The food was subpar. The restaurant pretends to be fine dinning or somewhat on that level, but the fish or meat I ordered was tasteless & lukewarm if memory serves me & everything else was about a 2 out of a 5.
  7. Then at the end there was a problem with the bill. They overcharged us on something. I remember now. This isn’t just a problem with them, it’s ALL the restaurants.They calculate their tip ON the tax, so you are paying a higher tip than if they just charged it on the sub total.

    Sorry, I didn’t make notes because after we left we tried to get a taxi which took almost an hour.

    I had to demand I get my money back which they were clueless in understanding what the problem was.

    They finally gave it to me after I went through the calculations with them about 5 times.

    I wanted to see the manager again, he finally relinquished & gave me the money back.

    This entire time the  manager hid like a coward in the back of the restaurant. Not once did he come out to address the issues.

I will NEVER go back to this place, the entire experience was a waste of my time & money.

I also noticed today they have ANOTHER oferta out on Oferta Simple which means they couldn’t even get enough repeat business from the last time they had an oferta which is when I went to go visit them.



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