So yesterday I went to the Pescado Limone Restaurant in Panama’s The Westland Mall food court.

I had been waiting for months for them to open thinking I’m going to get GOOD fish.

Finally they opened (the last place to open which should have been a sign) & it was TERRIBLE.

First I found out that they have no pan fried fish, EVERYTHING is deep fried.

Since I don’t eat deep fried I just ordered a ceviche which was expensive at close to $5. That entire mall’s food court is expensive although all of the food court prices have gone up (Albrook & Multi Plaza).

So here I am thinking that this Pescado Limone is going to give me the BEST ceviche I’ve ever had in Panama & I took one bite & nearly died.

No taste. It clearly hadn’t marinated for long at all.

Then the fish tasted raw which means it hadn’t been cooked in the lime.

I went up & said I can’t eat this. Of course they didn’t know what to do with me & I did want my money back, but didn’t know if I’d get it so I said I’ll take that fried fish with the papas. Thank gawd they didn’t charge me the extra dollar & change as that dish was more than the ceviche.

I get the fish & all they give you are 3 small chicken finger sized pieces of fish. I took ONE bite & realized it was raw inside. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

The breading on the outside was hard & thick & inside the fish was RAW! I tried another piece & same thing.

The fries believe it or not weren’t bad & I don’t like the fries in Panama, so this was interesting.

I took the fish home because I wasn’t going to waste my money, but they lost my business.

The one guy was nice & could speak some English. It took a while for any staffer to come out to serve me even though they saw me from the back.

It was very disappointing, as Arraijan has no restaurants to speak of, so if you want to make money, open a good restaurant that’s cheap in Arraijan.

All they have in Arraijan is Chinese (one good one near the Super Xtra in Vista Alegra), pizza places that are lame at best, a Leonardos which gives me heartburn & acid after I eat it, so forget that & that’s it.

The rest are all fondas that are closed early or just serve friend chicken.

Oh there is some places in Vacamonte I just found the other day, but people further up may not know of these & I have yet to taste them. One is a grill & the other is I think supposed to be Mexician, but it’s not. It has Panamanian.

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