Ristorante Gusto’s
Bella Vista, Calle 47
Panama City, Panama

Once again a nicely designed restaurant, but they aren’t smart enough to put English on their menu, so I had to struggle with one of the staff to get the food described.

The beef carpacio wasn’t great at all. They drowned it in balsamic vinegar.

The bruschetta was VERY good until I started to feel something dripping down my arm. That’s when I realized my entire arm was full of oil. You can laugh all you want, YES Italians love oil, but they do NOT use this much & mess up the customer.

I lived in Toronto for years & have had tons of Italian food. I’ve never had this problem before.

The entree was eh, so so, but again, I would never go back.

Oh the waiter forgot to bring me my left overs & he couldn’t understand what I wanted either, I had to repeat myself several times. I thought he had thrown it out. Nice guy though.



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