Costa del Este – 396-6535 Costa del Este Ave. Centenario, despues de la Porsche
Panama City, Panama

I spent a lot of money getting to this restaurant because it’s very far out near the airport of Panama City.

The place is gorgeous except they don’t know how to place the mirrors in the bathroom.

The menu is vast & once again, there’s no English on the menu.

I ordered several items & in the end the only thing that impressed me was the cafe latte. The rest I’d never order again.

Then I ordered 3 deserts to go (they looked really good).

I get them home & the next day I find out they gave me the wrong one.

Now you have to understand this place was expensive. The deserts were $5.50 each, so I had my translator call up to get me a credit on my credit card.

After she probably wasted close to an hour of being told this & that, they FINALLY told her they would give me a free desert & I said NO WAY. Am I spending $6-7 in taxi fair to go pick up a desert. Actually strike that, it would have been $12-14 because I would have to return back to my home.

And get a load of this… They told her I only had the weekend to cash it it LOL Can you believe that?

Oh & one other thing. They work like molasses over there. It took about 15-20 minutes to get me my deserts AND, there was no one in the restaurant. I think there was one table left.

I had the same problem with my food, it took way too long & there was only maybe 3-4 tables inside.

Once again, a nicely designed restaurant, but the chef doesn’t know what he’s doing & the food isn’t even worth 10% of what I paid for it. Even though I got 50% off from Oferta Simple, I plopped down $81, so they got a lot more out of me in the end.


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