Big Grill – 396-0978 or 396-0979
Via Argentina, Entrando por el On the run 1ra Calle a mano derecha, Calle 49 A-Este
Panama City, Panama

The address is in Spanish because I copied it from the Oferta Simple site. Thank gawd for the Groupon type site otherwise I’d be wasting tons of money.

The first time I went there the food wasn’t half bad, but then my first was raw in the middle so they took it away.

When it came back, they had overcooked it sooo much, it was disgusting.

They were at least kind enough to credit that & something else they screwed up (can’t remember now). The wait staff were very nice, but the place was dead & it was too hot outside & too cold inside. Nicely decorated, but it seems that a lot of restaurants spend TONS of money on the looks, & then they hire an incompetent chef & wait staff.

Since my bill only came to $12, the very nice waiter who thank gawd spoke some English, told me I shouldn’t cash in the Oferta that was for $25 & then come back when they had the beef ribs.

So every couple of weeks I’d call in to see if they had the beef ribs, but they didn’t.

I finally said screw it, went in & they had totally changed the menu & still didn’t have one in English. The chef was also different & management (I guess that means owners) were also new.

I ordered fish again & it wasn’t as good as the first time I had it. I had ordered veggies & they must have poured TONS of salt on them. When I complained, they didn’t bother to say anything.

I also¬† noticed another table had shrimp cocktail, but it wasn’t on the menu.

The appetizer salad & egg roles weren’t that good either.

Time to pay the bill & they tell me they don’t have credit cards & I start getting angry. What kind of a restaurant doesn’t have credit cards? I didn’t have cash to give them & I told them so. The waitress left us (we were outside) & never came back.

They made me wait almost 30 minutes sending out another guy & then I finally had to start getting mad saying you will have to call me when you get your merchant account. Who makes a customer wait that long.

I don’t recommend this restaurant at all. They were much better the first time around if they hadn’t screwed up the fish.



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