How to get your mail when living outside America

How to get your mailOne very important choice you have to make before leaving the States to live as an expat, is how to get your mail.

While living in Panama as an expat, you will have to concern yourself with a few things, like how to get your mail that you would normally had delivered to your house back home.

The solution to this problem is with what we call online – mail forwarding. They give you a US address & all of your mail get shipped to that one address.

The company then scans the mail for you and you read it on your computer as a PDF. When that is done, you have it shredded or you keep it in your account, plus on your computer.

If need be, you can also have mail forwarded to you in Panama, and with some mail forwarding companies you can even if you have packages shipped to you in Panama.

I use mail forwarding primarily for bills, bank and credit card statements, and the only time I really have things shipped from the US to Panama, is when I get a renewed debit card, credit card, etc.

I’ve been through five different companies over the years, so I know a fair amount about mail and package forwarding companies and what to look for.

To get your first month free, just give them my mailbox number – the link below

Here’s another option. They cost a little more, but I thought I’d give you a choice.



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