So one of the biggest stressors I have to deal with in Panama, is how to stop dogs from barking

How to stop dogs from barking

If you’ve read any of my others posts about this subject, you will know it’s a HUGE stressor for me & many others in Panama.

I can’t work or think when the dogs are barking in my ears. There are many times I have to stop my conversation with someone on the phone & yell at the top to BE QUIET.

This can & does go on for 2-4 hours straight.

I get awoken from my sleep all the time which is VERY VERY unhealthy. When you are awoken in the middle of your sleep, you have to start your cycle all over again. This can happen at 2, 4, or 5 am, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, even during the day.

I can’t watch TV because I can’t hear the sound.

I can’t relax.

Then while walking to the store, I encounter dogs that bark at me every time even though I’ve passed by them for a year now.

This one dog is a vicious SOB. He goes BALLISTIC as if I have a gun pointed at his head.

So, I had done research online around 2 years ago & bookmarked a page for this product. I didn’t have the money, nor did I know if it would work.

Well GUESS WHAT???? LOL IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

Now it doesn’t work on all dogs. For some reason it doesn’t work on small dogs. Why, I have no idea.

BUT, it has calmed down the dog to my left. He barks a lot less now so I don’t have to go out there to point the device at him as much.

It hurts the dog’s ears to my right & she will stop.

AND, that vicious SOB I was telling you about… Well he’s petrified of it. I only had to use it on him 2-3 times, & now he’s nowhere to be found when I pass by. I saw him once & he just looked at me, so after 2 more times of no barking, I won’t have to bring this unit with me anymore.


I’m soooo happy it’s helping stop the dogs from barking. Now if only I can figure out why it doesn’t work on small dogs.

Let me know if it works for you.



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