So I’ve been having Water Problems in Boquete now for over a month

I’ve brought out 2 different so called “water” or plumbers & neither has been a help just saying the water looks fine, they don’t know what the problem is.

The water started to leave a sour taste in my mouth & I started to get sick.

Then I noticed that the sponge in the Nikken water filter system had brown spots all over it.

I told the landlord he has to buy a filter after he told me there was none. I thought this was going to fix the problem, but it didn’t.

I started to become dehydrated & I couldn’t think. I didn’t know what to do.

I spent almost $300 buying filters for my ionizer & the Nikken system PLUS buying bottled water.

Every day I’m more & more stressed.

I thought I was able to prove that the water from the landlord’s house was fine when he filled up 4 bottles for me & after pouring it into the Nikken it tasted fine, but then after the 2nd day, I started to feel sick again.

Now AGAIN the Nikken sponge (BRAND NEW) is turning brown. <sigh>

Also my plastic container lids (Rubbermaid & even the snap on lids) either have brown/yellow type crusty stuff deep inside the lid or on the seal itself that I have to take off. Oh & there’s also black stuff too which I can’t get out sometimes.

I’ve wasted hour after hour trying to clean it out with a knife (it ain’t easy) & I get it clean, & then the next time I look at the lids they are dirty again.

I even waste baking soda & vinegar & the vinegar took away the coloring of some of the lids, so now I’m ruining my expensive plastic containers.

I’ve been boiling water just to make tea which is NOT good. Boiled water is dead water, it has no life to it. I screwed up & forgot the pot last night, & ruined the pot so I lost another $40.

Yesterday I took the water to go get tested & it’s very expensive. $30. So I’m waiting on the results.

The landlord just keeps shrugging his shoulders saying there’s nothing wrong, him & his family have no problems.

While there are ALWAYS water issues in this terrible country, at least in the other places I’ve lived in I was able to drink the water once it was filtered. Now I can’t & I’ve been sick, have no energy & can’t work.

Boquete is turning out to be a TERRIBLE mistake moving here.

Oh & the girl at the water testing place told me that Volcancito also has terrible water.

And someone else (a local) told me that he can’t stand the water, there’s way too much chlorine in it.

The American plumber guy tells me there’s NO chlorine in the water & the Italian guy says there is, he can smell it.

<sigh> NO ONE in this country knows WTH they are talking about. Obviously this is why many expats can live here, because for anyone who cares about things that actually work & are healthy, they wouldn’t be able to stay here.

All I can do is pray that I come up with the money soon to move before I die from Panama.

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