I had to pull this from another group just to show you what it’s like here in Panama in regards to stupidity in Panama.

This is why I say they are very low on the intelligence scale.

What are the odds that this would happen to someone all in one day?

Why can’t 3 different businesses get their act together?

It’s because they don’t know how to run businesses here.

Others may say it’s because they don’t care which is also true, but I think it’s just because they are clueless in the upstairs department.

Here’s the story…

“as a general rule, I really really truly love it here, but every once in a while, like this morning, something happens and I want to become ugly.

As a rule I pay every month my electricity bill at Super 99 and they have this routine that they need to photocopy the bill. When the copier doesn’t work ( which is often), they won’t accept payment. I had told myself before to make a copy at home, be prepared, but foolishly one thinks a modern store with a fancy large modern new copy machine would work.

So, I trotted about 200 yards up the road to Javilla Pharmacy who represent Western Union, and who in turn accept Edemet UF payments. But, they said they have stopped with W.U.

no wuckin furries, I walked half a mile to the chemist shop next to Kosher super who have U.F.
Waited 10 minutes whilst the lady in front of me did a multibillion dollar transaction, get to the cashier, and she says their terminal isn’t communicating with UF at the moment

three strikes, I was out………

…. went home, paid on line <grin>”

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