Waste of resources in Panama

So it’s another commonly known fact that Panamanians waste their resources and in this case it’s humans. They also aren’t smart enough to try and fix the problems MOST people bitch about. In this case the constant traffic congestion which they caused when they didn’t design their Panama City properly.

When I used to go into the stores, I’d often see the girls working there all huddled together just yapping away. This is what they get paid for, to socialize.

I’m not saying this doesn’t happen in the US, it just seems to happen more in Panama.

Here’s another example from another expat of how cops just stand around doing nothing but trying to look like they matter in life and the traffic congestion just continues to rot away at the city and this is even AFTER the train came into play.

” find the misapplication of transito / policia resources to be one of Panama’s more frustrating traits. Every day my commute in the City takes me past the poorly constructed and marked rotunda in front of Centro Medico Paitilla. In the mornings, it’s a cluster of playing chicken among crossing traffic. For a while, a transito would appear, but only one or two days a week. It was one case where a transito directing traffic actually seemed to help. I could never figure out the thinking of what manager thought it was important enough to assign an officer one day, but not the next. No worries, they stopped altogether and it’s a cluster 5 days a week. Then again, no commute is complete without seeing a handful of transitos just standing along the roadside, doing whatever.

The other phenomenon is the dudes stationed along the Panamericana every Sunday afternoon heading back to the City, doing the important task of waving everyone forward. Couldn’t maintain that steady flow at 0 to 20 km/hr without them. Seems like they could train monkeys to do that.”


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