So I’ve been a member of for years now & I’ve been to a few (not a lot) of meetups on various different topics in various different cities – both business & social.


Panama didn’t have any meetups, so I just put myself on notice to be notified when a new meetup for Panama is created.


Well this week I was notified that this meetup was created –

I was excited, especially because it was about food (I’m a foodie) LOL

So I join & right away there’s problems.

The organizer asked me some questions in an e-mail. They were standard when joining, but after I spent time answering them, I got no response back.


Then a few days later in their message discussion area I wrote saying  I never received a response & I didn’t know what was going on. Part of the rush was they were having a meetup this Saturday (today) & I needed to decide if I was going or not. They were hiding the location which I found to be VERY suspicious as usually the location is mentioned right off the bat so one can decide if they want to go. I didn’t want to go to a restaurant I didn’t like, so I need to know this information & I questioned why this was being hidden.


Other problems I noticed were:


  1. The picture on their group was very strange. It was a terrible picture of an outline of several people in black. I don’t know how to describe it other than in those movies where you see outlines of images all standing around & there’s no facial features & they are black & all solid? That’s what it was.
  2. Then I kept trying to see the pic of the organizer which is ALWAYS in every group I belong to.This person didn’t upload a pic of themselves or if they did, it was such a poor picture, I couldn’t make it out at all. It was a thumbnail at best & I started to question why there were so many problems with these pictures. I’ve never seen such a thing before.

    Also now that I think about it, the person who started this group hid their name. That is VERY suspicious to me. I’ve NEVER been in a meetup group where the organizer’s name is kept secret. In fact I’m thinking of notifying Meetup to see what their policy is on this.

  3. There appeared to be ONLY one person in the group. I thought this was because they were so new, but then I didn’t know if it was just because I couldn’t see the other members or what was going on.I’ve NEVER not been able to see other members. That’s important in deciding whether you want to go to a meetup in the first place.

I was willing to ignore the picture issues, but then when I posted the message, that was also not showing up, so I didn’t know if they were blocking my message or it was a Firefox issue or what was going on. All I know is that I contacted them twice & they ignored me twice. I have a problem with people who are passive aggressive & ignore me.


Then I received another notice in my inbox about the meetup & I thought it was for today’s meetup, but then I looked more closely & I had to “assume” it was for their next meetup in Costa del Este, Panama. I went onto the group & then saw that they had closed the first meetup (if there even was one) & they ONLY had one member who was going. I didn’t know if they were keeping the number of people to one or two (seemed strange) or people just weren’t signing up to go.

Every day I was wasting time trying to figure out what was going on.

Then I saw someone message them asking how to get there & I wrote back saying I wasn’t trusting this meetup group anymore because of all that happened with the pics, no responses from the organizer, etc.

The next thing I knew, they deleted me from the group. That’s NEVER happened to me before.

I wrote the organizer & said “wow, you sure act like a Panamanian.” What I mean by that is this… Panamanians are known for ignoring problems. A lot of them aren’t very smart & have no sense of logic & they act a lot like little children (not all of them). Ignoring a problem instead of trying to solve it is acting like a little child & this is what this UNKNOWN Panama Meetup organizer did. He decided NOT to communicate with me twice & without discussion or warning, just removed me from the group.

As we always say…

Drama in Panama.



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