So today I had the luxury of playing with a baby monkey.

For my visit to my Shaman for my medicinal bath, their neighbor bought this monkey from some guy who killed her mother (TERRIBLE!!!)

Some of what amazed me is their tails. They have a sticky substance on the underside of the tail which is obviously for swinging on trees.

The monkey is clearly very sad, but after we played with her for a while, she loosened up.

Unfortunately she has some man made leash on her that prevents her from running free & monkeys DO need exercise. They are meant for swinging from tree to tree. She was able to do that slightly on the hammock, then she got free & ran, but they ran after her because one of the dogs ran after her too.

I don’t know, they told me the dogs would tear her to shreds. I don’t believe it because these aren’t vicious dogs, but it may be true.

Was just an interesting experience & I talked with one other person who also has a small monkey he saved from being killed.





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