So we are back to the dogs barking.

Now I have to contend with another dog that’s in front of the house who won’t stop barking day & night. His is a deep annoying bark & half the time he’s crying. These people ignore their dogs & the dogs are upset & this is why they bark all the time. The one to the right of me has a high pitched shrill bark that drives my ears to pain.

So that’s 3 dogs on the right, 1 on the left & 1 in front.

I haven’t been able to sleep well at all & last night the next door neighbor’s car’s alarm kept going off every 30 minutes. Oh & they were setting off fireworks at 3:30 am.

The stress of living in this country is killing me & again there was dirt all over the house which I know gets into my food, into the computer, etc.

I’m also noticing that my metal stuff is wasting away including the stove I had purchased. If I didn’t already mention it, things in Panama rust very quickly.

So what you save on on other things you lose when you have to replace your household items.

If you have AC in your house okay, that will probably help, but if you don’t, you will have to end up replacing a lot of your electrical items & kitchen stuff. I think something in the water is also wearing the stuff down or rusting it a lot quicker. And just to prove my point which I have mentioned in another post, I’ve had the same household items in Canada for years & I rarely ever have to replace anything. I had a surround sound system that lasted me 16 years that I only replaced a year before I moved to Panama.

The stove here has ruined my expensive non stick pans because the heat of the flame is so hot since the gas isn’t natural – it’s propane. This means you can’t cook properly & it ruins your pots & pans. I still haven’t found a clamp (as suggested by expats) because the hardware store “Do It Center” doesn’t have one. Can you imagine a hardware store with no clamps?

By the time I leave here, I’ll have less than I came with & that includes brain cells, as I’ve also noticed that my brain is deteriorating. Now I know why so many expats here can’t remember what happened the day before. Something in this country (or maybe it’s all hot countries) wears away at the brain. I used to be highly intelligent & while I was losing my memory a little bit because of health problems, here it’s gotten much worse & I’ve only been here just over a year.

My feelings in the moment.



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