It’s 5 am on Sunday morning & I can’t go to sleep because once again they are blasting the music.

I just spoke to a guy who lives in Colombia (Medellin) & he says that other than on holidays & birthdays, they don’t blast their music in Colombia.

This is just TERRIBLE, but I’m sure some expat will stick up for how Panamanians behave & tell me to buy ear plugs. I’ve read this before several times.

EXCUSE ME??? Why should I have to succumb to putting foreign objects in my ears which isn’t healthy just because I want to sleep????

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  1. So all today (Sunday) I had no quiet.

    I know I’m repeating myself, but if I can save just one other person from going through what I’m going through, I have done my job.

    Either the neighbors got a new pool or someone new moved in & got a pool.

    Kids were screaming all day, the adults were blasting their music & the dogs were barking. My head was pounding. It didn’t stop until around 9 pm.

    They actual torture people with loud noise as noise pollution is a VERY serious problem which most people know nothing about.

    And the next door neighbor has now increased the volume on his TV so I can hear the TV all night.

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