So every time I suffer because of the cigarette smoke, drugs, & chemicals in Panama, I’m going to blog about it

I’m sitting in my own home & can’t breath. For almost a week now someone (or several people) have been smoking sooo much, I am inhaling second hand smoke which as you should know is even worse than if I was smoking the cigarettes myself.

Then there has to be some drugs (I’m not talking pot/weed) going on nearby, because that’s the only explanation for what I’m experiencing. And no, I can’t close my windows, I have to breath & I don’t have AC. You can’t live in Panama & have your windows closed unless you have AC.

My lips are feeling numb, my eyes are burning slightly, & now I have a headache.

Welcome to Panama, where even if you DON’T smoke or do drugs, you are forced to.


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