So I couldn’t sleep once again in Panama,
because of the construction next door

The sawing of the metal roof (you’d think they would be smart enough to use a NON metal roof because if you don’t already know, when it rains, it makes a VERY loud noise so you can’t hear anything in your own home), but no, I guess that would be too smart a decision.

Then instead of measuring the roof, what I’m guessing they did (I didn’t see I only hear), was they attached the roof, & then proceeded to saw off the pieces one at a time throwing them & making a racket. So they didn’t just saw off 2 pieces, this went on for over 30 minutes, probably close to 60. Over & over again.

Then there’s hammering, now there’s burning metal so my eyes are burning.

Oh & on top of all this, the dog barking like a crazy lunatic.

WELCOME TO FUCKING PANAMA. Peace & quiet???? NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!!!!

Oh & yesterday I met an Australian woman who lives in Panama City & she was complaining about the jack hammering down on the street. She said they keep doing the same thing over & over & over again. Clearly a job that would take a normal person 1-2 days has gone on for weeks now.

Oh & of course no water today either.

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