So for the last week or so, the one dog to the left side of my house in Panama has been barking for 2-3 hours straight. At first I thought it was because of the firecrackers or poppers (it’s close to Christmas), but it’s not, as later in the night they can go off & he doesn’t make a peep.

No matter how much I yell at him to be quiet or shshh him, he won’t stop. I’ve been able to quiet him down before, but I don’t know what’s going on, the dog is CRAZY.

His owners do absolutely NOTHING. Almost none of the dog owners in Panama do anything to stop their dogs from barking. I’d hazard a guess that only around 5% do anything to quiet their dogs down even if the dogs are barking at 2, 3 or 4 am in the morning.

The difference between here & in North America is that neighbors will get angry at the neighbor who allows their dog to bark like this, or they will call the cops & it’s usually only one neighbor on the street, NOT the entire FUCKING street.

I finally got so angry that I blasted the TV tonight to try & drown out the barking. Even with the speakers blasting I could still hear him.

How the HELL can a dog bark for that long?

This is the same dog that STILL growls at me even though I’ve been in this house for almost a year now & I feed him occasionally, I talk to him when I’m outside, etc.

A lot of the dogs in Panama just aren’t normal. I’ve never seen this dog be abused, so it can’t be that.

Another example which I’ve mentioned before is this dog I walk by every time I walk to the store. He’s behind a fence & he ONLY barks at me. I’ve only ever seen him bark at one other person going by. He runs around in a circle barking viciously as if I’m a mass murderer & at this point he should know me by now as I’ve walked by at least 20-30 times.

I’ve never ever had this kind of experience with dogs before. Like I said, these dogs (like many of their owners) are just completely NUTS!

There are other dogs in the neighborhood who bark for hours on end, but they are usually off in the distance so it doesn’t bother me like this one does.

It just drives me INSANE!

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