Oh gawd how I HATE this country. It’s ONLY because I don’t have the money that I can’t move from here.

So 2 days ago on my next door neighbor’s front lawn I noticed piles of bags & bricks & I thought OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

The house 2 doors down has been under construction since March of last year & they FINALLY finished their construction this December just before Christmas.

Because of their construction I went through months of horror with the dog screaming his head off every time one of the so called construction workers was outside in view. That & me breathing in ALL the toxins from their work AND the noise from the hammer, saws, grinders & gawd knows what else. Oh & let’s not forget all the grime & dirt that came into my house & ruined my belongings & of course caused a mess.

NOW the fucking neighbor with the TERRIBLE dog is going to add on something to the back of their house. This is also causing the dogs on the other side of my house to bark, so that’s 3-4 dogs barking all at once.

They started yesterday around 6 am & 1 hour after I got to bed suddenly I got awoken by LOUD BARKING DOGS. Not only are they putting on the addition, they are leaving the dog in the back so he goes FUCKING INSANE every 5 minutes which is RIGHT OUTSIDE my bedroom window. I got a terrible sleep yesterday. I don’t think I got more than 4-5 hours.

Today they started again around 7-7:30 am & finally after 1.5 hours of this terrible noise from the dog AND the hammering I had to get up.

So I got around 3 hours sleep.

I’m GOING INSANE. There’s no other way to describe it. Just now I was screaming & crying in my own house from sleep deprivation & anger that I’m going to have to go through for who knows how many months now. That plus even worse toxins & dirt in my house because they are in such close proximity.

And they don’t shut the dog up, they don’t put him some place else nor do they shut him up when he barks. I’m the ONLY ONE who deals with the ongoing intense barking of this dog & I can’t always control him. The dogs on the other side I have a hard time controlling.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Just as things were starting to look up after New Year, now this.

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