So once again I got no sleep in Panama

I knew when the neighbors built that patio it was going to be the death of me somehow.

The dogs were quiet, but the humans weren’t.

It’s great to see a family playing with their kid, but I DON’T like it when it’s at my expense.

They woke me up around 5 hours into my sleep talking, & the kid was laughing non stop (never heard her laugh before). This must have gone on for about 1-2 hours before they finally woke me out of my sleep & now I’m drop dead exhausted. The minute I got to my desk, they must have went inside as all is quiet now, but it’s too late, I’m already up.


It’s summer vacation here in Panama, so the kids are home which means the parents are home more now too.

1 thought on “Got only 5 hours sleep in Panama”

  1. I spoke too soon. They are BACK & must be with a stranger, because now their fucking dog is barking & won’t stop & the noise level has escalated.

    It’s going to be an EXHAUSTING DAY for me!

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