So once again there’s another LOUD PARTY WITH TONS OF BASE music, & I haven’t been able to sleep in Panama.

The music started at around 1 am & now it’s 6:25 am & obviously I can’t sleep. I’m drop dead exhausted & feeling so sick, that I almost threw some of my dishes against the wall, that’s how angry I am.

And the guy next door gunned his engine so all the fumes came into my house & I can’t breath & now my eyes are burning me. This goes on all over Panama because the same thing happened in another complex I used to live in. They gun their engine in the morning even though there’s obviously no need since it’s not winter with freezing cold temperatures.

Why I never had this problem EVER at home is beyond me. Here in Panama all the toxic fumes from cars come into the house which I’m then breathing.

I know people will say it’s because the windows are open, but I don’t ever recollect this happening back home & the windows were open in the summer time there, but then again, North Americans don’t usually go around gunning their engine polluting the air like that not to mention it damages the car when it’s not needed, but I’m sure they are too stupid here to know that.

I’ve also noticed that Panamanians will also leave their car running for no reason at all. They could just be sitting in the car talking or waiting on someone. AND gas is expensive here, & it’s not like it’s cold outside & need the heat in the car.

I have no idea when I will be able to go to sleep. This of course will ruin my entire day as I will get nothing done since I have to get 8 hours of sleep & I doubt I’ll get uninterrupted sleep as the dogs will start barking & there will be other noise.

In my opinion this inconsiderate abusive (yes I call it abusive when someone doesn’t give a shit about anyone around them, & they think ONLY about themselves) behavior affects my life, whether I can work, etc. I need to be able to work to support myself & I can’t if the music is blaring in my house. But of course some expats will stick up for the Panamanians & say we should just ENJOY IT the music. I find those expats to be so below in intelligence it amazes me. This is probably why they love Panama so much. Just because they love loud blasting base music doesn’t mean the rest of us sane people should love it. I don’t know, maybe I like to listen to my OWN music, watch my OWN TV, be able to talk on the phone & actually hear the person on the other end, be able to sleep, be able to work, etc. FANCY FUCKING THAT! Yet somehow these expats try to make people who complain out to be the problem!

If you are going to move to Panama, it may take you several years to find an area where there’s quiet. I met one expat who told me it took him 3 fucking years to find a complex that was quiet, & they don’t allow parties in the homes, they have to go to a hall on the complex that is far away from the houses. That makes sense to me, but of course I’ve never heard of that before, I assume that’s the only complex that has that policy & it’s enforced.

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