So, It’s been a rough 2 weeks in Panama

Last week I had no water after 9 pm – midnight all night until the morning. I couldn’t wash my dishes or prepare my veggies.

Last night & today I’ve been dealing with toxins coming into my house. People doing drugs, burning toxic garbage & cigarette smoke.

I can’t breath & my face has gone numb.

I also feel the brain cells in my head dying & I had a HUGE headache after a meeting. I had to take Tylenol for it.

And the dog next door has been barking every day for hours on end waking me up in the morning.

Then after putting an ad online for some help, I have inconsiderate people calling me around 6:30-8:30 am. JUST NUTS.

I am moving soon, so I am PRAYING that I will be in an area with clean air & water & I will NOT have to deal with this BULLSHIT. Once again Panama is killing me.

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