So it’s been a hellish several days here in Panama
More Drama in Panama

  1. Yesterday I had NO ELECTRICITY for 4 FUCKING HOURS. As is typical in this terrible country, when the water or electricity goes off, NO ONE calls it in.

    I was stupid & didn’t call it in for an hour, as I thought it would go back on as in this house it usually does, but this is now the 2nd time in about 2 months the electricity has been off for so long.

    I spoke to someone in my broken Spanish & rushed off the phone because I didn’t want to waste money on my cell phone waiting for the English speaking guy.

    An hour later I went next door & asked them to call to find out WHY it’s still not on.

    The person they spoke to said this was the FIRST call about the issue. LOL, can you believe that????

    So out of hundreds of people in this complex on a Sunday when most people are home, I’m the ONLY ONE who called it in twice & of course the first person FUCKED UP & didn’t do her job.

    About 1 1/2 hours later I finally got electricity.

    I lost several hours of work I had to do plus everything in the fridge was going bad.

  2. My fridge is leaking water or fluid or gawd knows what else & I don’t relish trying to communicate with the company I bought it from because I’ve had problems with them before & the owner doesn’t speak English, plus it’s been well past the warranty although they still came last time only because I had complained to Acadeco when they sold me a fridge that had issues with it.

    I don’t care if it’s used, the thing was broken & I paid close to $400 for it.

    They guy has had to fix several parts every time I’ve called him & NOW this. A fridge doesn’t break down after 1 1/2 years.

  3. Right now I can’t breath because of whatever chemicals or toxins people are smoking or burning near me. My lips are turning numb again & my eyes are burning as well.
  4. The other day I walked to the store & there was a fire burning right there on the main street & I COULDN’T BREATH.

    Normally when there’s a fire, people cover their mouth. That’s the human instinct.

    Here in Panama, they breath it in like it’s FRESH AIR.

    And then I wonder why they have no brain cells.

  5. A few times last week I didn’t get sleep again because of the bloody dog waking me up, so for 1-2 days I was exhausted & couldn’t function.
  6. There’s newborn ants all over my kitchen. It’s so bad, I can’t control them. I’ve never seen such tiny ants before & they are like on crack zig zagging all over the counter top & they get onto my plates or bowls that I leave on the counter as I don’t wash every single dish right afterward. It’s terrible.
  7. I just realized my cleaning lady threw out the sugar I had in a closed plastic bag on the floor (I use it to attract the ants with boric acid). Great, now I have to waste money buying a new bag. SMART!
  8. I was just informed by my landlord that he can’t pay the mortgage anymore, so the bank is taking over the house & I have to move. FUCKING GREAT!

    I would love to move, but if I could, I would have done so already.

    Not sure how this is going to go down, as I don’t have money for a translator or security deposit, & I’ve already come to the conclusion you will never get your security deposit back as they almost always steal it.

    Plus I have to work. Finding a new place to live takes at least a month & a TON of hours which I don’t have. I can’t just give up working to look for a new place, I have to make money.

    Even doing it online doesn’t save time, & looking online doesn’t usually work although that’s how I found the other places I rented, but I got ripped off that way.

    And finding a place this cheap is next to near impossible, so I’m very stressed right now. Plus I wanted to be near this supermarket, as it has cheap food that isn’t bad & I don’t want to take a bus every time I want to pick up my food from here. <sigh>

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