So more examples of my living hell in Panama

Monday I had NO electricity for over 3 hours. This meant I couldn’t work & it was close to 100 degrees & I had NO FAN.

You would think that it’s snowing here like it is in the US & this is WHY there’s no electricity in Panama, but of course you would be WRONG.

They just don’t know how to run their country.

I tried to call Union Fenoza & their network was down LOL so that means even THEY lost power.

Just prior to this happening, I had to deal with the neighbor blasting his music at 1 pm on a Monday. Him & his friend were outside drinking & talking REALLY LOUD.

If the electricity hadn’t gone off, who knows how long that would have gone on for.

Again, I’m busy working during the day & this is what I have to put up with.

THEN (yes, more hell in Panama) the water went off. LOL I don’t know how long it was off for, at least an hour or two which is a short period of time if you’ve read my ONGOING water issues here in Panama.

Once it was turned back on, the water was cloudy & continued to be so throughout the night.

The water is now clear, but back to being toxic hurting my hands when I wash dishes.

Tuesday which is really today for me as I haven’t gone to bed yet, I was awoken by the dog barking. That happened Monday too. Tonight (Monday night), I was forced to breath in cigarette smoke from the neighbor’s house. This went on for around 2-3 hours & now it’s just after 5 am & he’s smoking again.

All this after my horrific experiences on Saturday when I went into Panama City to do errands.

I haven’t posted that post yet, let’s just say I almost chocked on a fish bone because they do NOT clean their fish properly here & they DON’T CARE.

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