So here’s another story about more noise in Panama

So yesterday, Friday, I  hear some guy booming into a microphone. This fucking noise of him talking & singing went on for HOURS.

That’s what they do here, they buy microphones & set it up so the WHOLE neighborhood has to suffer & listen to this CRAP!

Of course the locals don’t care.

I was hoping that he wouldn’t do it tonight, but again I can’t even work because I can’t concentrate & then they started singing in like in a Karaoke bar, so the singing was off key.

It’s 10 pm & I’m hoping it will end by 11 or 12 like yesterday <sigh>

Now he’s crying into the microphone as if he’s acting. <rolling eyes in the air>.

2 thoughts on “More Noise in Panama”

  1. Sunday night & AGAIN the asshole has a microphone that is blasting his stupid play, desperate attempt at singing & whatever else he’s doing.

    Then he FINALLY stops & another house starts blasting their music.

    I’m sick, have a headache, & can’t even go to sleep because who can sleep with BLARING MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s what they do here in Panama, they have such SMALL PENISES, they have to buy stereos & place the speakers outside the house so the ENTIRE world can hear them. This is their way of proving they are BETTER OR A MAN OR WHATEVER ELSE THEIR SMALL BRAINS THINK THEY ARE DOING.

    I know it’s not just Panama, I just don’t know how many countries in Latin America do the same thing. I know Colombia does.

  2. It’s almost 11 pm & the fanatic preacher who sounds like he’s possessed is STILL going at it.

    And the music is coming from NEXT DOOR.


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