So for the first time since I’ve been in Panama,
the neighbors are becoming nasty in Panama

I shouldn’t really use the word “nasty” per say, let’s just say it’s either the little girl next door who always looks at me as if I have 2 heads, or it’s her mother.

I’ve been going through hell since they started with that blowup swimming slide. So much noise I can’t sleep or concentrate on work. And the parents (the father used to be nice to me, he’s the one that speaks some English & calls 311 for me sometimes & used to let me use his washing machine until I’m pretty sure the wife stopped letting him) sit outside in the back on this new patio which is RIGHT next to my window in my bedroom & they are talking loudly & calling out to their daughter, etc.

I guess the holiday season is extended in Panama, because they are around during the day when normally they are working.

I’m praying to gawd they go back to work next week. How many weeks off do they get? Normally businesses here work them to the bone, but clearly they’ve come into some money since they got a new car & now this new patio & the water slide thingy.

The little girl who I don’t know what her age is because she’s very overweight, so it’s hard for me to tell (I guess around 11-13) is off from school. I remember from last year I don’t think they go back until February. Their summer is now.

I didn’t experience this last year because I was in a different complex in January & that complex didn’t have tons of kids in it or if there was (there were a few, they weren’t close enough to my house to cause me this kind of stress, but it’s not just the kids.

Anyway, back to the original topic…

I was sitting at my desk & the dog to the left was barking non stop & I couldn’t even hear the person on the phone. I tried to get him to stop by saying my usual SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH.

I started to notice when I said SHHH, someone else would say it right after me almost at the same time.

I’ve been yelling at the dogs to be quiet for a whole year now. It will be a year in February since I’ve been in this hell hole.

Then about an hour later I was on the phone & I laughed out loud & I hear SSSHHHHHHH from either the kid or her mother. And they all stop playing to listen to me.

So they are allowed to laugh & make noise & bother me, but I laugh once in a blue moon & it’s a major event.

This makes me nervous. One never knows what could happen if the neighbors don’t like you. My house could be broken into & my things trashed or stolen or I could be hurt.

I’ve always kept a low key which is why I don’t go to the police when there’s loud parties so I can’t sleep.

Here they don’t like it when someone interferes with how they live their life. They LOVE & EMBRACE NOISE & us normal people from outside of Latin America can’t stand constant noise. The only types of people in North America that I know would allow their dog to bark non stop or blast the music night & day or bother their neighbors are rude insecure low level types who have no concern for others because everything is ALL about them.


I hope things go back to at least some normalcy soon.

I didn’t get a good sleep today & I’m sure the water will be on tomorrow & I won’t get a wink <sigh>.

I even had to close the shutters last night before going to bed, which of course means I will bake in my room (I have no AC or ceiling fan), all so I don’t hear what’s going on outside as much.

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