So if you plan on staying in Panama city & you are going to be near Via Espania on Via Argentina, then I recommend you check out the park there. It’s a couple of blocks up from Via Espania & has benches where you can sit, relax or wait for someone to drop by & pick you up because you can see the road from the benches. HUGE trees too.

The odd time they have concerts or something happening there on the weekends at night time, sometimes even in the afternoons, but it’s so loud I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I could hear jazz music one night when I was living a block or two away from the park. It was very nice since it was far enough away it didn’t hurt my ears. That was when I first arrived in Panama.

That park is really the only peace I ever seem to get in the city. I was there last week & was waiting for someone. To my pleasant surprise, a few birds landed on the bird bath which used to have water pouring out of it. Since the water was off, the birds had a place to land & they were hilarious. I guess there was water in the bath still, as they started washing themselves & I’ve never seen birds do that before. It was amazing & fun to watch with them shaking water all over themselves & then drying themselves off.

Those are relaxing moments in Panama I cherish since there is so much other stress.

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