So on Thursday, I bought a new office chair from Raenco Trasistmica in Panama

I was dealing with a nice man who spoke English. I had spoken to him before when first researching office chairs.

I got to Raenco Trasistmica in Panama to look at the 3 different models I had discussed with him before, & they only had 2 they could show me. I noticed right away they are of cheap quality, & then I found out that they come from China.

I have a feeling that almost everything in Panama comes from China which is why everything here breaks down & is toxic. There’s got to be more toxins in this chair than the one I had before that broke down since I got to Panama.

Anyway, I was lucky to find an office chair that was less expensive & that I liked more, so I got that one.

The office chair was due to arrive on Saturday, but of course I didn’t know what time.

I woke up & at 1 pm when they still hadn’t arrived & I had to go run to do shopping, I started calling Raenco Trasistmica in Panama.

That’s when the drama in Panama started (of course). I called maybe 8 times & each time they would pick up the phone & hang up on me.

I finally got someone, told her I needed someone who understands English, she put me on hold forever & they don’t use music on hold either, they use that TERRIBLE whiny music that I used to have on this old fax machine back in 1992. Anyway, once the call was transferred, I was hung up on again. I called back again, was hung up on again around 3-4 times.

Finally got reception again, this time she transferred me to someone who spoke a little bit of English. She told me to call Eduardo & gave me his cell. He didn’t answer. I left a message & then called back 2 more times, still nothing.

I had to have a meeting, had that, then called again this time getting really agitated, it was already 3 pm.

I FINALLY got Lydia in the office furniture department & as she was getting one of the girls to find out where the delivery guys were, I heard them outside.

One of the arms is higher than the other <sigh> & there’s no way for me to adjust it. They clearly did that when they put it together at Raenco. Now I’m going to have to call & argue with them about this because I certainly can’t send it back. I don’t have a car/truck, etc., nor am I prepared to pay someone to take it there, I already paid $15 for delivery & they had wanted $25.

Having one arm higher than the other will put pressure on my body since your body has to be straight. I had to buy a new office chair because the other was completely broken. The seat had no padding left & it tilted down so that there was pressure on my spine. Even putting 2 towels on it didn’t help & they always slide off which just shows you how far forward it was tilted. I can tell you right now had I been back home, this chair would have still been in great shape!


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