So the stress from yesterday was so overwhelming, it’s worth posting.

First I get no sleep (2-3 hours) as I was awoken early in the morning to my UPS going off since the electricity was out.

The electricity was out for 2 hours & I lost money calling Union Fenoza.

I couldn’t do a thing & was exhausted.

Finally the electricity came back on, then an hour later went off again.

Then I had to deal with the toxic fumes from them doing construction 2 doors down.

Then for no reason my Internet turned off. Almost all the lights were gone.

So I call Cableonda & when the guy asked me to unplug the modem & plug it back in I did.

I had to put the phone down to do this & when I did, he wasn’t there when I got back 5 seconds later, so I lost money using up minutes.

Called back & of course he doesn’t apologize or even remember who I am from 1 minute earlier. (brains).

He repeats the task of unplugging the modem & I tell him I already did. Instead of investigating further, he right away submits a ticket to have someone come over. He says someone will call me the following day.

Since I know this could take weeks, I got very stressed & had to walk ALL THE WAY over to the nearest Cableonda.

The girl there was wonderful. One of the nicest employees of Cableonda I’ve ever encountered. Her name is Kathie & she’s at the Westland Mall location. They aren’t all wonderful in Arraijan, but they have been much better than the ones in Panama City.

She got me an appointment for the next day.

I left, came home & the modem was…..







You guessed it, WORKING!!!

So yes I’m happy, but it just proves once again that they DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

If it was a modem problem, it wouldn’t have started working.

They didn’t bother to check anything on their end, they just shrugged off the issue & set up a time for someone to come over. This not only wastes my time which is worth money & costs me money since I work for a living & can’t work, I have to stop EVERYTHING & run to solve the problem, but it wastes their time as well.

I lost over an hour having to go over to Caleonda & during the the night the modem went off again & then went back on.

Right now it’s the next day & the afternoon & so far no one from Cableonda has showed up.

I’m posting this now & no one EVER showed up. No call, NOTHING.


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