So yesterday I had a mixed trip into Panama city.

It started off nicely when I bought some apples & the young lady threw in some plums. I didn’t get to eat them because they were smushed by the time I arrived home, but it’s the thought that counts.

Also a lady in line at the Western Union counter helped me find out if I could pay my bills at the Western Union counter. She kept saying I could only pay by check which made no sense to me, so she eventually asked for me & I was right, you can pay with cash.

Turns out that after I paid my bill, the following day I had problems, so I DON’T recommend you pay your bills through them. ePago is the way to go, but they’ve been having problems at my closest location & after 3 days of trying to pay my bills without any success, I called them to complain. Of course they had no idea what was going on because no one in Panama ever calls to complain about anything. And even though the second girl from ePago did return my call, I didn’t understand much of what she said & I think she thinks they solved the problem, but they didn’t. The first ePago girl wasn’t very smart recommending I go to Albrook. LOL Do you know how many ePago locations there are all over Panama city & surrounding areas??? TONS! And she is telling me to spend 45 minutes & money to get to an ePago.

Smart – NOT!

Before I went into the city, I lost close to an hour of my time trying to pay my bills at the ePago location that had been closed down. I was thrilled to see it was open. Then I waited & waited & waited while 3 of the kids tried to figur out what they were doing & finally the smart one told me the system is down AGAIN. <rolling eyes in the air>

So at least there were 2 positive things that happened in the city.

I lost my cart that I stuff all my groceries into because a kid lugged it up the stairs on one of the diablo buses (the stairs are soooo steep it’s a struggle to get up them sometimes when you have heavy bags), & he must have held onto the strap to pull it up, because when I got off the bus, the strap was gone. So there goes $12 down the drain. I was lucky I was able to finish off my errands. If I had had to lug that around by hand I would have killed myself, that’s how heavy it was.

Despite getting mud all over me because of the constant rain for 3 days, it was overall a good day.



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