So tonight is pure torture in Panama.

It’s now 1 am on a Saturday night & I’ve been sick almost all day. I think it’s because of the food I bought in the terminal in Albrook. Once again the meat portion was so cool it’s been collecting bacteria all day. I don’t think I wrote a post about this, so I’ll educate you that Panamanians know nothing about how to treat food. They leave food out all day below the proper temperature. So not only do you pay for food that isn’t hot, chances are it’s spoiled. Even staff in restaurants are clueless when it comes to keeping food either very cold or very hot. I heard even in their own homes they leave the food out on the counters & don’t put it in the fridge.

Anyway, this house in back of me is having a HUGE LOUD PARTY. First the base was so bad that I woke up with a headache. They took a break, but then around 8 pm the music started blasting & the base came back on. I was sick as a dog ready to go out of my mind.

Then they started with the firecrackers. Normally the firecrackers are off in the distance, but this time they were right over my house. I was trying to sleep & I couldn’t, not to mention it scares the shit out of you when it’s that close to your body.

Now the idiot out there is with a microphone & speakers blasting his voice as if he’s all important. This is normal, they love to buy speakers, sit them outside the house & BLAST THE FUCKING MUSIC. In this place some guy gets up to lead the party. It’s literally like being in a night club except I’m not, I’m in my fucking house.

Not only that, the guy’s feed wasn’t hooked up properly, so it was all static.

It’s just terrible. One can’t even relax in their own home. This is a form of torture. I read about it years ago that loud music & base is a form of torture some countries use. Here they don’t consider it torture, but it is for people who are sane & happen to like keeping their brain & hearing intact. It will probably be another several hours before they close the party down, so that will be minimum of 8 hours of straight base, music & microphones. Even when you go to a night club most people don’t stay for 8 hours straight, & you can at least go outside if you can’t stand it (or go home).

Here in Panama there is NO ESCAPE!

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  1. Now the windows are rattling, that’s how loud this guy is & he’s SCREAMING into the mike none stop.

    It’s 2 am, I won’t be able to sleep.

    Oh & just to be clear, these aren’t children, these are adults.

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