So another expat (this time she looks younger, assuming the pic is accurate) had to start putting me down because I posted a request for a short term rental in Boquete & I said I was looking for hot water because I came to the conclusion that since sooo many expats live in Boquete, most of the houses & apartments have hot water. I also thought most of the people reading were expats, NOT locals.

I also need a minimum amount of Internet, so I listed what I needed because someone listed a wireless service I had never heard of before.

This girl had to tell me I was living in a dream world, so I felt the need to give her a piece of my mind away from the group.

Of course she didn’t listen or take any responsibility for her actions, people who act like her never do. What I got out of it was that I added some updates to my post.

She just couldn’t mind her own business, she HAD to tell me what I was supposedly doing wrong in her mind & I’ve started realizing that a lot of these high & mighty expats here in Panama must all read the SAME handbook on how to control other expats because I keep hearing the sameĀ  regurgitated shit like:

  1. Panama is a third world country (I disagree. Yes some areas are just terrible, but you will NOT find malls like Albrook, Multi Plaza, fancy condos, houses, large zoos & the canal in a THIRD world country).I don’t understand why these arrogant expats feel the need to defend Panama as if it’s their child, but they often do.

    If any expat complains even a little (as I have), they get attacked & told they SHOULDN’T compare Panama to North America.

    To be clear, I researched Panama before moving here. Had I thought it was a THIRD world country, I NEVER would have moved here in the first place. I wasn’t expecting it to be a duplicate of the States, but I was expecting certain comforts I’m used to.

    I did NOT come here to be uncomfortable.

  2. Go HOME if you don’t like Panama. I find this one amusing. I’ve had at least 5 expats tell me I’m not going to make it here in Panama, that THEY can already tell.While in the end they were probably correct, the NERVE of someone who doesn’t know you from Adam to tell YOU that you should go home (I had one tell me this when I had only been here a few months) is just NUTS! Who do these people think they are???

    So if you don’t like something about the US or Canada, are you told to GO HOME??? Umm, what if that IS your home?

    So why as an expat should I be told to GO HOME just because I don’t like several things about Panama?

    But these expats stand on their soap boxes claiming to be righteous & MIGHTY claiming that NOTHING in Panama bothers them.

    WOW, they are clearly very advanced spiritually – NOT. Advanced people don’t talk down to others & give them a piece of their mind.

    In fact this chick claimed she was into Buddhism, but I can tell you she has a long ways to go.

  3. The expats also tell you that you are a GUEST in Panama when you aren’t. I’m not talking tourists here, I’m talking about people who have come to live here.Again, it’s as if you have no rights at all, you are just an ornament in Panama with no right to feel or speak your mind.

    Granted you aren’t allowed to get involved with politics once you are here, but those of us who complain AREN’T usually looking to run for government LOL, we are just bitching to people who we ASSUME understand what we are going through.

    But alas, I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that the expats who move to Panama aren’t very smart. This is one of the reasons why 90% of my posts are misunderstood. It’s either that, or they are purposely trying to start a fight. I’ll have to say it’s a combination of both.

    I now ignore them & once I move from Panama as I already know this is going to happen, I will list the names of all the bullies so you can get the lay of the expat community here in Panama.

  4. If you complain, they call you an ANGRY or RUDE American.LOL, YES, just because I complain about Cableonda, I’m one of those TERRIBLE Americans that goes around raising hell every place they go – NOT!!!

    Again, these expats judge, talk down & belittle anyone who doesn’t absolutely LOVE PANAMA.

    As you can see, nothing will ever change here because the locals have no way to make change so they have given up, AND the expats like all the chaos & negativity here & feel it should all STAY THE SAME.

    I prefer a country that wants to improve, NOT stay the same so people are unhappy.

  5. Oh & one other thing an expat will do, is make it seem like they are trying to HELP you.I am a VERY smart person, & I know when someone is trying to help & when they are just so full of themselves they think they know everything.

    Only one person on the group has ever been a kind person & she always tries to help me, but I’ve noticed she won’t post to the group, she usually just contacts me away from the group. The nice ones don’t post because they don’t want the backlash.

    The rest of the NASTY ANGRY expats all try to find fault with my questions & my odd comment & try to act like I’m stupid because THEY can’t read & understand simple English. I can’t even begin to listĀ  how many times my posts have been misunderstood or they jumped to conclusions that weren’t true.

So while Panama itself has been stressful, it’s the expats living in Panama who have made it WORSE for me.

The locals don’t really know any better, they are who they are. I don’t see them changing any time soon, since one can’t make someone intelligent, one can’t make them care about quality, respect, etc. If they weren’t raised this way & they can’t see the difference & benefits to being an intelligent, respectful person who cares about things running smoothly, they will NEVER CHANGE.

From what I’m hearing, Panama attracts the WORST expat people. I had heard this before, but didn’t believe it.

NOW I believe it.

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