In my opinion Keith Woolford in Boquete is a PAIN in the ass

This is an old post of my opinion of Keith Woolford in Boquete Panama. I’m just getting around to posting now in October 2016, but since I left Boquete in January 2014, I am assuming this all went down around November & December of 2014, but I see something in 2013.

So I recently started posting things on Boquete Ning which is Boquete Panama’s message board.

I’ve mentioned before that a lot of expats are bullies. Some (not all of course) have absolutely nothing to do in their lives than go onto these Yahoo groups or message boards & try & start trouble.

For some reason I attract a lot of these expat bullies. Not sure why.

Keith Woolford has replied to at least 3 of my threads on Boquete Ning trying to stir up trouble & for the  most part he succeeds. The owner or one of the moderators of Boquete Ning had the nerve to say I was spamming just because I posted my Moving Sale thread on their forum. I didn’t know that you couldn’t & that they ONLY wanted you to post in in the Buy & Sell Group.

The nice thing to do would just tell the person instead of attacking them, but like I said, I find most expats in Panama to be vicious.

Keith started bitching about how I was posting stupid comments. Keith must have been referring to me thanking people when they wanted me to send them my list.

Eventually I called him out on being a mean spirited person. The moderator RUSHED to his rescue & closed the thread & then like a little child accused me of spamming. Oh & she had to stick up for Keith because immature people always need others to stick up for them.

This has happened to me many times. I stick up for myself & then several others will chime in & act like I’ve done something wrong. This “clan” “witch hunt” mentality certainly isn’t a problem JUST on Boquette Ning, but being that I have many years of experience on forums & in groups, I’d say that Bogquett Ning was worse than most.

I just now posted a thread asking for people to recommend taxi drivers since I need some for doing errands. Keith Woolford had to chime in telling me to stand outside & hail a taxi from there. I find this Kevin character not very smart.  I don’t find any of the expats in Panama to be smart because most smart people wouldn’t be able to handle Panama & would eventually return to where they came from. If I wanted to stand outside waiting for a taxi I WOULD. I’m NOT an idiot. Kevin has no idea the circumstances of what I want or need, but he has to try & stir up trouble.

Again, Keith is not the only one who does this, but I’m going to start listing them here just so you know.

I’m sick of this country & one of the reasons is because the expats, in my opinion, are just as bad (but in a different way) than Panamanians.

12-18-13 – Keith is bullying me again on agreeing with another bully that I’m stupid. This is what these little children do in Panama, they go around calling people names. And if you can believe this, these children are in their 60-80’s.


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