So I’ve posted about this before about expats in Panama being nasty. I have to write another post, because it just won’t stop.

Here’s another example…

I asked the group of expats who live in the David area which ISPs are there. I hate Cableonda as you know, but may have to continue with them since I have no choice. There’s no selection in Panama & the other options are either Canadians overpricing their service (who can afford $100-200 per month in Internet for 3 MB????), or wireless options which won’t work for me, I need wired.

One lovely kind person (NOT) lists off all the different ISPs & then has to make a snarky (let’s start a fight) comment about “And there’s Cableonda, but you already know about them, so I don’t know why you even asked.”

It seems these really insecure angry people have to try & pick fights over every little thing.

I had another one in the regular Panama group put me down about my comments re: Cableonda saying “I told you this before…. blah blah blah”. I mean really, I don’t know if it’s because they are all 60-80 years old & they think everyone in the WORLD should listen to them & do exactly what they say (I think that has a lot to do with it), but who the HELL do these idiots think they are?

Since when does giving your opinion MEAN the other person has to listen to you??? People get with the program, YOU DON’T OWN OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. This isn’t the 1940’s, this is 2012 & while I appreciate people’s opinions, I & ONLY I will make decisions about my life.

Needless to say, I didn’t even know who this guy was or what he had told me in the past. That’s another thing I noticed, a lot of them expect you to remember who they are if they answered your question 1 or 2 times in the group LOL They really do think too  highly of themselves.

YES, I’ve memorized every single person amongst 4,000 people. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I had that happen to me before I even moved to Panama, with some Italian guy who’s an asshole many times. He had given me a few names of movers & I had forgotten as I was very stressed trying to organize everything all on my own PLUS run my business & just deal with day to do issues while living back home. Out in public he puts me down, accuses me of something (can’t remember what, all I know is his accusations couldn’t have been further from the truth) & tries to show everyone I’m a total whatever & you should all stay away. That’s called Cyber Bullying & many expats in Panama seem to be very good at it.

Another one had the audacity to tell me SHE doesn’t think I should live in Panama. LOL, She doesn’t know me from Adam (Eve). She’s only read a few of my posts complaining about Cableonda (WOW who gives a shit if I complained, what do they own stock in Cableonda??? LOL) & already she thinks she should TELL ME where to live. Even if she’s right, it’s NOT HER PLACE to tell me where I should & should not live.

And then she had the nerve to ask me WHY I even moved to Panama in the first place as if I OWE HER AN EXPLANATION. These expats really seem to have control issues.  I don’t even know this woman (I wouldn’t classify her as a woman since a mature adult doesn’t behave this way) other than to read her posts, yet she thinks it’s her place to tell me what to do & she doesn’t even know me? Never once did she try to get to know me away from the group. If she knew me personally, sure, give me your opinion, but she doesn’t.

You may say they mean well, but I don’t see it that way. People who mean well don’t tell others what to do, they don’t judge, they don’t assume facts not in evidence, they just let the other person live their own life without trying to control them.

So if someone can tell me why these people are soooo unhappy, controlling, that they have to try & pick fights every day, maybe I’ll be able to understand it, but I just don’t get it.

AND as I’ve mentioned before, most of them are down right stupid. They don’t even ask questions to get the full picture, they just judge, talk down & ASSUME they have me all figured out by a few posts of mine.

I’m really hoping the expats in Boquete are a lot nicer. Man, can you imagine moving to a country that ATTRACTS the worst of the worst of human beings when it comes to expats who are nasty, flame, have no life, commit fraud, rip people off, etc.? It’s beginning to feel like Costa Rica & Panama attract those types & I’ve heard from others here that the expats are worse than the locals.

I do have to assume that all the nice expats don’t go on these Yahoo groups & forums. That may be it, the forums only attract the bullies.

I only go on there if I need a question answered, need to reach out to hire, etc. I can’t get around that, Even people who have lived here for years go on there for the same reasons.



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