My opinion sucks

Boquete relocation sucks.

This is from 2013. What year, I can’t tell you since I finally escaped Panama at the end of 2013 and lived in Boquete at the very end.

I don’t normally use the word “sucks”, as I find it a childish word, but it just popped into my head after reading that ANOTHER member of Boquete Ning was a casualty of the idiotic control freak expats in Panama.

I’ve had 2 of my posts removed from Boquete Ning before and all the posts were a few lines asking if someone had used these 2 companies as I was about to use them and wanted to know.

The next thing I knew, my posts were gone.

Alex wrote a post about someone being hauled away in handcuffs by the police and Fran Hogan decided it was gossip (I don’t know how actually seeing someone get hauled away in handcuffs is considered gossip, but some brains just don’t know how to think) and she removed it.

Here’s the thread on that one if you care to read. It’s been removed and now I see why they were attacking me, because they worship MONEY and have a Boquete relocation service. Since I was poor, they needed to make sure that a poor person who I’m sure they hate since I don’t have ALL of the money they have, wasn’t part of their evil site.

If it’s gone by the time I post this as I won’t post it until I finally leave Panama, you will know that even that discussion was censored.

The assholes on Boquete Ning stick together and rule the site while the nice people (not always) get thrown to the wolves.

01-07-14 – so I posted an ad looking for someone to help me pack my things as I’m just not good at packing and I want to make sure to get the most into my boxes and that my things are safe.

I didn’t get any responses, so I went to see where my post was and of course it was GONE.

I posted again this time asking if it had been removed & the bullies on Boquete.ning had to pipe in. Here’s more examples of the bullies in Boquete. Talk about the most childish people EVER. Even Panamanians don’t seem to be this immature.

Fran Hogan wrote: “Your request from a week ago received no replies.  You can probably expect the same results with this one.”

From me – I love you TOOO Fran, you are a warm and kind hearted person NOT!

Of course Goodbye San Diego another bully writes, “Sometimes you wonder how some people ever got here in the first place.” Oh, wait a minute… and he shows a picture of a tiny yellow school bus.

Then he writes again, “Right, she probably could have gotten most of it packed while waiting for a packer.  Of course, there are about 50 Packers in Green Bay that have nothing to do this weekend.  Big, strong guys.” Then below that is a picture of Sharp & Dull as if I’m a stupid moron.

Then Fran like a little child has to waste her time going to find a picture of a box & an arrow and the words “put things in the box.”

Then more idiotic references to the Green Bay Packers because I keep forgetting that people who watch football have no brains upstairs.

I’ll continue to post what expats who move to Boquete are like and if you are naturally a bully, YOU CAN JOIN THEM. Then maybe the US and Canada can rid themselves of ALL the bullies who have made it to the age of 50-100 years old. That’s how old most of these people are.

01-11-14 – I posted an ad asking if someone knows a local who can help me move boxes on 2 different days for 1-2 hours for $5/hour and if they can translate as I’m not fluent in Spanish and Fran Hogan writes, “This is a joke, right?”

Fran, you are a BITCH, but of course you will disagree with me. Every time I post she has to bully me. Amazing. And you can’t say anything otherwise she may ban you.

I’m finally posting this on November 15, 2023. I forgot about these horrific expats in Panama. UGLY UGLY personalities and behavior. They should join the evils, they have already sold their soul to the devil.



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