Here’s my opinion on the nicest people in Panama

Last Friday & this past Friday I went to my local produce market that I recently discovered, & I’ve noticed it before, the nicest people with the most positive energy are the Native Indians here in Panama & I heard they are looked down upon by the Panamanians.

I’m not saying there aren’t any local Panamanians who are nice, I just don’t feel it from them like I do the Native Indians.

For example, this woman manning her produce stall gives her customers 3 free tomatoes. No one else does that, only she does, & she always has a smile on her face.

THIS is the type of people I want to be around.

Last week there was also a guy who let me have 2 limes for free.

I’ve only ever been given free things once in Calidonia in Panama City & nothing ever from the guy I buy my produce from in Calidonia. I buy from him all the time (less now that I’m going to this market in Vacamonte), but I used to buy from him once a week & spend $12-15 each time. He’s NEVER EVER threw in something for free.

And he’s a nice guy, but I can see the difference in her warmth & his & I’ve only bought from her twice now.

Last Friday I had a lovely day at the market. Something that makes me feel like not all is negative in Panama even though the majority of it is.


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