So I’ve been buying the imported US grapefruit for a little while now & it’s very expensive. Anywhere from $1.03-1.33/grapefruit, but recently the stores haven’t been carrying them. That’s when the guy at the El Rey store showed me the Panamanian grapefruit which is called toronja. I didn’t even know they grew grapefruit here.

I was excited because the price was only .19 cents per grapefruit, so even though they felt really tough & strange on the outside (they are mainly green, with the odd one that has some yellow in it), I bought 6 of them.

The following day I go to make my drink & when I started to peel the toronja, the inside skin was very very tough & thick.  There were also a million seeds inside.

Once I pureed it & then tried to drink it, it was DISGUSTING. Not only was it very bitter, there was NO liquid at all, it was so thick I had to try & chew the drink.

So there goes money down the drain.

Unfortunately it figures that they don’t know how to grow proper grapefruit here. A real shame.

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