So here’s the lowdown on ice cream in Panama

Like all things in Panama, it takes people with a modicum of intelligence to do something properly & because Panamanians are so stupid, they can’t even get ice cream right.

You will see several posts from expats that show that this isn’t just a one store issue & almost all expats know it.

“Well I finally got fed up. I have been tired of seeing ice cream
disrespected in many of the stores in Volcan. I finally went into the
Romero in Volcan and proceeded to open every Hoggen Daz Ice Cream carton in
their freezer in front of the manager and explaned with each carton that
the ice cream was damaged. They let the ice cream freeze and thaw and
freeze and thaw and sell it at $5.49+. Sorry, it you see the ice cream
sitting on the shelves with its top off, it was me.

I love Ice Cream and I guess I am the Dottie when it comes to the rights of
Ice Cream to exist with dignity.

Who knows who I will strike against next. You have been warned

Love and keep the ice cream safe”


“This happens everywhere in David too, not just Volcan. I’ve gotten bad ice
cream at El Rey, PriceSmart, Super99. I don’t buy ice cream at Super Baru
but it’s probably the same. I’ve only shopped at Romero once and didn’t
buy ice cream there either.

But it just isn’t handled right that’s for sure and when you are paying $6+
for a tub of ice cream or a box of 4 Dove bars you expect it to be good if
not perfect.”


“Raquel, some employee almost certainly went behind you, replaced all the covers, and is now selling the tainted tubs to some unsuspecting dupe.

I personally gave up on ice cream for this exact reason. Chris still craves it, but I decided it was easier to go without. Don’t want to pay $6.00 for a tub full of crystals.”

and the only place where one expat was able to find good ice cream in Panama said, “I have had same problem at all of them with Hagen Das. I just bought some Breyers at the new Super 99 it was great. Someone told me they package it here.”

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