So this is the MOST annoying illogical thing ever. I mean I sort of understand why they do it, but it’s not helpful at all to anyone.

Most of the non grocery stores & some grocery stores (NOT Reba Smith because they are the BEST large company I’ve encountered & even they aren’t 100% great) do this annoying thing.

You pay for you items & they STAPLE the bag closed & then STAPLE the receipt to the bag. The odd time they tape it. I guess they do this for security reasons (why I don’t quite get it), but it’s just TERRIBLE.

Not only do you lose the bag because it tears (this means it can’t be recycled), then the receipt is torn too & I learned years ago to ALWAYS keep your receipts so you can return things.

El Rey in their bakery department uses these HUGE stickers, so even that does damage because you can’t get the bag unstuck without damaging it & half the sticker covers the receipt.

I’ve never been asked to check my bags as I’m leaving (only when you enter), so clearly whatever their reasoning is for doing this, it makes NO logical sense to me. So strike what I said above, it doesn’t make sense to me even a little bit.



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