While I knew that they use their horn here all the time, I thought they only honked their horns at cars, but noooo, I can be walking along the road trying to get to the bus stop here in Vacamonte, & trucks will scare me to death honking their horn.

I take it that it’s their way of telling me to get out of their way as they have little to no respect for pedestrians here even though a good portion of the country walks (unless they have a car) & there are almost no sidewalks, so there are times when a car or taxi or even truck comes close enough to almost hit me.

This doesn’t happen in Panama city or I’ve never experienced it. The only time I get honked at is when a taxi wants me to hire him. The taxis are never around when I need them, but when I don’t need them, they bug me to hire them (go figure).

And of course in the middle of the night (it’s 12:30 am here), they have to honk their horn while driving down the street.


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