If you are going to move to Boquete, bring a blanket and housecoat to Panama

Do NOT sell or give them away.

I gave away a gorgeous light, yet heavy blanket & 2 good expensive housecoats thinking I would NEVER EVER need them here in Panama.

It gets sooooo cold in Boquete at night, my nose can freeze up even while I’m sitting at my desk working & of course while I’m sleeping. It also gets REALLY REALLY cold I noticed around 4-5 am. Today it was FREEZING & I went to bed very very late around 7 am.

I feel like I’m back in Canada with NO HEAT.

When I did buy a blanket in Panama city before moving to Boquete, all I could find was some cheap fleece type thing that cost $8 (that was the cheapest) & doesn’t keep me warm enough, so I have to put the housecoat on top too.

I also had to buy a housecoat within 2 weeks of arriving here & trust me, finding a housecoat in Panama is not an easy chore. Thank gawd it was cheap.


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