So the other day I was sleeping (no I don’t wake up before dawn) & someone’s car alarm kept going off.

This literally went on for 3 hours I’m guessing.

The person would shut the alarm off & then a minute later it would go off again. It would take them 10-20 minutes to shut it off & then the process would start all over again.

Yes I know, stop complaining right? NOPE, I think people should know what one has to go through here. Car alarms go off in Canada all the time, but NEVER like that. And the fact that they can sit there while the alarm is causing noise pollution & not shut it off right away (how much you want to bet they were watching TV), is just preposterous.

I came to this country for peace & quiet & unless you are in a very remote area out in nature, there is no such thing in Panama.



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