So for the last month I’ve been trying to find a cordless phone that has the headset jack in it. No LUCK anywhere.

There was one store that had one, but the handset was HUGE & I wasn’t buying some 1980’s handset LOL

Then FINALLY I found one yesterday, purchased it & thank GAWD the guy started taking things out of the box to show me (this is common here in Panama). He installed the batteries, turned it on & I see it’s ALL in Spanish which it should be.

I asked him to change it to English & I would be back (it was a Panasonic).

I came back 30 minutes later only to be told it had no English, only Spanish & Portuguese.

I was upset & returned the expensive cordless ($65-75 for ONE handset).

I called up Panasonic US & complained. I arranged something, but haven’t had the money to order what he offered me. I do have to, because the 3 cordlesses I have no are dying not just because they are old, but because of all the electrical issues in Panama.

So whatever you do, bring your own cordless phones (even 2 sets if you can).

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