So here is a list of the cost of living increases in Panama

For many of you this will seem like peanuts & that’s because you are probably making a lot more money then I am, but things have been really tough for me since I got to Panama because like everything I’ve encountered here, it breaks down.

I should have been able to afford to live in this country NO PROBLEM, but I get here & within 3 months, my business starts to take a dive.

This I know you don’t care about, but there are also many seniors that live here on a fixed budget, so any cost of living increase means they are affected.

There’s also people who have come here (I’ve met people & heard stories) & they too have either lost all their money, or gotten very sick, or something happened that changed their lives drastically.

Others have come & struck it rich dealing with all the real estate, maybe some tourist attractions, maybe drugs or some make it rich off of stealing from others. I’m trying to give an unbiased accounting of Panama, but for me it’s difficult.

So here is what has raised in price because of the cost of living increases in Panama.

  • Garlic has increased. It’s imported from China.
  • Gas was down, I just noticed today it’s back up to $4.12 for Super
  • I went to Organica last week & the eggs which they claim are Omega 3, but I highly doubt it as I am used to the wonderful taste of Omega 3 eggs from the Toronto area & these taste NOTHING like them. They also say they are organic, but we know that probably isn’t true. Who knows what the chickens are even fed.Anyway, the eggs here were always cheap at around $2.45-2.60 for large (sorry, can’t remember). Now they raised them to $3.05 I was shocked.
  • The empanadas at the Tacanasu supermarket increased by 10 cents a little while ago.

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